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Real HRM

Real HRM software solution significantly reduces the time of HR and Accounts department spends on administrative tasks and allows them to focus on strategic initiatives that impact the growth of your business. Real HRM Software closely integrated with Time Attendance, Payroll and Document Management modules.

Real HRM is an ideal solution for Attendance Management, Employee Document Management and Payroll Management including WPS Generation. It reduces the complexities of the HR and Accounts department to keep all the employee details and documents at once place.
Employee Module is designed to keep all the employee details in Branch, Department and Designation wise. The relevant documents like Passport, Labor Card, Insurance and many more details can be uploaded to the system and it can retrieve from it when even it is needed. We can define the Allowances like HRA, TA, DA and Over Time values.

Attendance module is designed for real-time, editable and customizable attendance management. We have integrated the leading Time attendance and Access Control like Suprema and ZK.
Shift Management module is designed to handle complex, overlapping, rotating, and over-night shift schedules. Manage unlimited number of employees, avoid scheduling conflicts, and optimize your work schedules

Payroll module is designed for enterprises with simple to complex payroll needs, Close integration among Payroll, Attendance, Leaves, Loans and it allows defining your salary formulae with ease. Configure your salary rules, and leave the rest to Real HRM Software.WPS generation is an add-on of this module.

Salient Features

  • Location wise attendance management.
  • Integrated with Biometric Devices.
  • Easy Shift Management.
  • Centralized HR & Payroll Management.
  • Salary Processing Authorization Levels.
  • Leave Calculations.
  • Loans and Advance Management.
  • Employee Document Management.
  • Document Expiry Alerts.
  • Emails.
  • Multi User with User level Authorizations.
  • Dimensional Reporting.

Real POS

POS provides better insight into your business, helping you to improve customer satisfaction, empower your employees to make better decisions, respond to changing business situations, and lower your IT costs and it also supports your existing business processes to be more secure, more efficient, and more profitable .

REAL POS Software features integrated Purchase, Inventory Control and Point Of Sale.
Fast and Error free POS interface provides speed and accuracy at the checkout counter. The key requirements that must be met by Real POS systems include: high and consistent operating speed, reliability, ease of use, remote supportability, low cost, and rich functionality.

REAL POS software provide easy way to track sales, customer information and it also supports barcode readers for faster checkout and inventory control. Also supports printing of barcode labels and designing barcode numbers if your inventory items are not already bar-coded.
REAL POS helps to maintain a control over the inventory helps retailers in managing their merchandise in a convenient and efficient manner. It effectively manage inventory and reduce manual and double-entry processes. Help reduce shrinkage, false returns, and unauthorized discounts. With several security roles that can be assigned to employees, managers can control access to sensitive data and track returns efficiently.

Salient Features

  • Integrated with Different POS Peripherals.
  • Easy To Use And Fast Billing.
  • Invoice Holding and Releasing.
  • Authorization Methods for Return.
  • Counter Reports For Cash Management.
  • Void And Cancel.
  • Multi Currency.
  • Integrated with weighing Scales.
  • Error free.

Real Dine

Real Dine Restaurant Management Software

Real Dine POS software is designed to help restaurants operate smoothly. Real Dine is easy to learn and use from the restaurateur’s point of view which helps staff and managers complete tasks fast and efficiently in a way that works best for them.

Real Dine offers everything you need to effectively manage your operations. Our restaurant software provides Order taking, Reservation, Take Away and Table Management, Wireless table side ordering and kitchen Prints. The kitchen staff gets immediate view of orders created or changed by the serving staff in the order they are entered; that allows the kitchen staff to fulfill orders in the order they are entered.

Real Dine supports to create different Menus like Happy Hour Menu, Combo offers etc. Powerful MIS Reports is a feature of Real Dine.

Salient Features

  • Tables wise Ordering System.
  • Multiple Floors Management.
  • KOT Management.
  • Reservation Modules.
  • Takeaway management.
  • Integrated with Portable Order Taking System.
  • Powerful Reports.


Real Track

Many organizations face a significant challenge to track the allocation status of their assets. Real Track is a solution for this scenario. We provide the individual barcode for the assets for easy and accurate reading. Periodically, the owner of the assets can take inventory with a portable device and cross verify the report with the system.

Real Track manages your organization’s valuable assets from IT Assets, Fixtures, Tools, Vehicles, and Equipment etc. with the perfect asset tracking software configurable to your specific needs. Remove the pain and chaos of tracking your assets by simplifying your asset tracking processes to something that truly makes sense. Easy-to-use interface, keeping the data you need at your fingertips, without unnecessary complexity.

REAL Track software platform helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate physical asset inventories, track the movement of assets, and track assets in real-time.


  • Multiple Location Management.
  • Integrated solution for Mobile PDA.
  • Integrated Barcode Generation.
  • Different levels of Asset Classifications.
  • Employee wise Asset Allocation.
  • RFID Integration.
  • Powerful Reports

Real School RFID Solutions

RFID Biometric School Attendance3

Real School Management is a biometrics and RFID based comprehensive attendance management system for schools and colleges, which provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management system for both, Students and Staff. It has an inbuilt facility of sending automatic SMS and Email alerts to the Parents/Guardians of the students.

Traditionally, Parents always have been at the worrying edge concerning the safety of their children en-route to school, and the Schools always have to be responsibly transport the students to and from their respective homes. The use of RFID helps reduce the concerns by automating the detection of entry/exit of children at the gates of the school. Parent can be informed, by sending message that their kids have safely arrived or left school gates.

Salient Features

  • Integrated with RFID and Biometric Devices
  • 100 percent accuracy in attendance
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly absentee/attendance report
  • Better staff attendance management, facilitating smart allocation of resources
  • Zero irregularities in the attendance process
  • Send automatic SMS/Email alerts to parents/guardians of students
  • Accounting of student whereabouts during school hours
  • Reduce use of paper – a green initiative
  • Less administration work, fewer workforce
  • Improves student attendance ratios
  • Better communication with parents/guardians about their wards
  • Improved relationship of school with parents/guardians