Comparison of Active RFID and Passive RFID


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Active RFID
Passive RFID
Power Battery operated No internal power
Required Signal Strength Order Low High
CommunicationRange Long range (100m+) Short range (3m)
Range Data Storage Large read/write data (128kb) Small read/write data (128b)
Per Tag Cost Generally, $15 to $100 Generally, $0.15 to $5.00
Tag Size Varies depending on application A?a��A�StickerA?a��A? to credit card size
Fixed Infrastructure Costs Lower A?a��a�? cheaper interrogators Higher A?a��a�? fixed readers
online Pills Per Asset Variable Costs Higher A?a��a�? see tag cost Lower A?a��a�? see tag cost
Best Area of Use High volume assets moving within designated areas (A?a��A�4 wallsA?a��A?) in random and dynamic systems High volume assets moving through fixed choke points in definable, uniform systems
Industries/Applications Auto dealerships, auto manufacturing, hospitals A?a��a�? asset tracking, construction, mining, laboratories, remote monitoring, IT asset management Supply chain, high volume manufacturing, libraries/bookstores, pharmaceuticals, passports, electronic tolls, item level tracking

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